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How to Operate our Free Christian Jukebox

The Godly Christian Music Jukebox is like a wonderful free Christian radio station without advertising interrupting the audio stream. What makes our jukebox better than most web based Christian radio stations is that it lets you select a genre of music or a theme. The genre selections vary from old time hymns to modern pop-rock styles of songs. The themes are what each song is about. So if you select a theme like ‘Love’, our playlist generator will find all the Christian songs on our site that are about love and compile them into a nice playlist for your listening enjoyment and encouragement.

To create a playlist you must first select from the Type dropdown list box either ‘Theme’ or ‘Genre’…then select the specific theme or genre of your choice from the dropdown list box below the previous one. Once you have selected your specific genre or theme, click the ‘Create Play List’ button. You will see a listing of songs created below and the songs will immediately start playing. If at any point you would like to skip a song you are listening to or would like to jump to a different spot in the playlist, you can either use the controls directly on the player or find the specific song that you are currently listening to and click the stop or play button next to it. If you want to listen to another song in a different part of the playlist, simply click the play button next to that song at any time (This gives you even more control than Pandora). If you really enjoy this page on our site contact us and let us know that the Godly Christian Music Jukebox has been a blessing to you.

Unlike other Christian radio stations, Godly Christian Music doesn’t only allow you to listen to the songs, it even allows you to freely and legally download the songs in the playlist so that you can listen to them on your mp3 players, CDs players, car stereos, phones, and ipods. If you really like a set of songs please feel free to download all the mp3 files and play them from your computer or portable device. Allowing people to stream music is the most expensive feature to give away. So if you’re always playing the same Christian songs… please download them and help us keep this music site free for everyone.

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