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Fionnuala Nyekwap Jibrin - Last Updated on 2/14/2016
A woman after God's own heart
A Beholden Songsculptor's Gift Of Song - Last Updated on 6/16/2015
Contemporary Songs of Faith and Spirituality
A Church in Indianapolis - Last Updated on 1/7/2011
Guitars and Various Instruments with Vocals
A Pilgrim's Progress - Last Updated on 9/23/2013
Acoustic guitar with vocals
Aaron Hammond - Last Updated on 10/26/2011
Acoustic guitar with vocals
Aeon's Promise - Last Updated on 6/18/2015
eclectic mix of music genres all with Christian theme and direct words
Akapela Deburner - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Pop - Rap
Alan Martin - Last Updated on 2/1/2005
Inspirational Piano with Vocals
Alan Thomas - Last Updated on 3/22/2011
Acoustic Guitar with Vocals
Alex Lena Isayev - Last Updated on 5/21/2015
Praise, Worship, Pop with Vocals
Amanda Baker - Last Updated on 1/28/2011
Contemporary Christian Music
Andrew Berkemeyer - Last Updated on 9/8/2010
acoustic and other instruments with vocals
Andrew Parkhurst - Last Updated on 1/9/2012
Acoustic guitar with vocals
Andrew Price - Last Updated on 12/7/2010
Instrumental Compositions
Andy's Messianic Music - Last Updated on 1/28/2018
Messianic Christian Praise Worship Singer Songwriter Gospel Spiritual
angela dittmar - Last Updated on 11/13/2020
Variety of Genres
Annie Woode - Last Updated on 2/7/2015
A/C Easy listening with vocals
Anusha Anthony - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Classical Inspirational
Aron the Assayer - Last Updated on 12/5/2017
WIth bible in hand, amidst prayer, I sing, speak, worship Gods word.
Barak Bendixen (Brother Bear) - Last Updated on 2/4/2012
Acoustic Guitar with Vocals
Beautifulmus1c - Last Updated on 10/9/2015
GRACE-the love of a creator for his creation from hearts full of grace
Beggar at the Door - Last Updated on 12/17/2016
acoustic and vocals...some acapella
Believers in Grand Rapids - Last Updated on 2/2/2005
Acoustic Guitar, Various Instruments with Vocals
Benjamin Harrell - Last Updated on 10/24/2014
A song about open doors based off Revelation 3:8
Berkemeyer Family - Last Updated on
Vocals with various acoustic instruments
Bill & the Boomers - Last Updated on 7/22/2021
Christian Classic Rock/Pop
bill brown - Last Updated on 11/11/2019
Praise & Worship w/ Vocals, Guitar & Drums
Br James - Last Updated on 11/19/2011
Braden York - Last Updated on 2/19/2020
Ranges from me and a strum-stick to pop w/ full production
Brandon Hixson - Last Updated on 9/5/2016
Contemporary Christian
Brenda James - Last Updated on 4/12/2012
Contemporary Christian Pop
Brenda Liddiard - Last Updated on 7/11/2016
Guitar Music with Vocals and other acoustic instruments
Britt Williams - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Gospel Folk/Bluegrass/Ol' Timey
CCA Praise Ensemble - Last Updated on 8/30/2020
Chapin Psalm Project - Last Updated on 3/27/2010
2 and 3 part harmony Psalms
Charity Ministries - Last Updated on 2/20/2011
A cappella Hymns
Chidi Michael - Last Updated on 4/4/2021
Contemporary praise & worship music
Chris Facey - Last Updated on 2/1/2005
A cappella
Chris Walker - Last Updated on 2/1/2005
Acoustic Guitar with Vocals
Christ Our Life - Last Updated on 7/11/2020
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Piano, and Various Instruments
Christian and Buzzy - Last Updated on 11/7/2011
Folk - Pop - Guitars with Vocals
Christian Mission Music - Last Updated on 7/31/2010
acoustic and other instruments with vocals
christofori - Last Updated on 10/15/2012
Enchanting classics and inspiringly imaginative new songs of Praise!
Christopher Brisciano - Last Updated on 7/21/2013
KJV Scripture Songs
Church of Monett - Last Updated on 12/22/2011
A cappella Hymns (congregation and family singing)
Company of Saints - Last Updated on 11/23/2018
Crosswork - Last Updated on 11/27/2015
Southern Gospel Quartet singing with Tracks
Cyndi Aarrestad - Last Updated on 11/26/2019
Christian Praise/Worship/Inspirational Music
Dan Meredith - Last Updated on 9/23/2013
Mix of upbeat and slow music
Dan Sevy and Dennis Downs - Last Updated on 3/23/2021
Acoustic guitar with vocals
Daniel and Ashley Martin - Last Updated on 1/6/2012
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, and Children's songs
Daniel Asher - Last Updated on 12/20/2010
Acoustic guitar with vocals
Daniel Ayisi - Last Updated on 9/5/2011
Instruments with vocals
Daniel James - Last Updated on 8/17/2017
Contemporary Christian, Worship & Christian Country
Daniel Joseph - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Acoustic Folk Music
Danielle Marie - Last Updated on 2/5/2012
Country Pop
Dave Hershey - Last Updated on 3/12/2011
acoustic and other instruments with vocals
Dave Jackson - Last Updated on 10/16/2017
Piano with Vocals and Various Other Insturments
David Crews - Last Updated on 2/17/2016
David Young - Last Updated on 1/26/2013
Christian Alternative
Debi Irene Wahl - Last Updated on 12/20/2017
Gospel and Praise music
Derek Flowers - Last Updated on 3/14/2014
Acoustic and other Instruments with Vocals
Derek McCorkell - Last Updated on 6/9/2017
Singer /Songwriter Contemporary,Praise & Worship,Celtic Christian,
Don Shepherd - Last Updated on 6/5/2010
Folk acoustic guitar with vocals
Donna Ankney - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Classical and Folk Vocals
Doug Tanner - Last Updated on 11/3/2014
Acoustic Guitar with Vocals
Dr. Johnson Cherian - Last Updated on 10/20/2015
Gospel Songs, Contemporary Christian Music
Dynamomin - Last Updated on 1/3/2011
Upbeat Gospel Music
Elizabeth Snow - Last Updated on 3/31/2011
Vocal with Piano Accompaniment
Elizabeth Townsend - Last Updated on 7/21/2013
Gospel Music Musician
Elize Swart - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Vocals with Piano
Elliston Williams - Last Updated on 11/28/2014
acoustic original
Eloc and Goldie - Last Updated on 5/10/2014
Hip Hop, Reggae, Folk (Street Worship)
Engelbrecht Family - Last Updated on 10/15/2010
vocals with acoustic instruments
Eric Armstrong - Last Updated on 4/22/2010
Guitar with Vocals
Faithland - Last Updated on 4/14/2012
Christian Rock
Farms and Fields - Last Updated on 7/30/2014
Sound doctrine teaching set to upbeat music for everyday life
Fidelis C.Dafe - Last Updated on 11/2/2020
Thank you Lord is a song of praise to God Almighty.
For His Glory - Last Updated on 12/9/2017
Praise and Worship
Fred Edward - Last Updated on 5/13/2016
You reign is a soul lifting worship song that opens up heaven's gate.
Gerhard Wagner - Last Updated on 11/27/2015
Poetic Songs, poems by William Cowper, vocals & diff. arangements
Gerry Asmus - Last Updated on 4/14/2015
Accoustic - Pop - Rock
Gerry Rzeppa - Last Updated on 4/15/2016
Folk/Pop - some people say kind of a Don Francisco style
Gold De Ambasadore - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Classical Pop with Ambient Sounds
Gord Lang - Last Updated on 1/8/2013
Guitar with Vocals
Gord Lang - Last Updated on 1/19/2016
Christian Country, Singer/Songwriter
Modern Music Respectfully Using Psalms & Other Scriptures For Lyrics
graphite412 - Last Updated on 1/8/2013
Christian EDM/IDM and Acoustic
HARRY KAY - Last Updated on 12/5/2015
This is from my heart
Hayley Adesina - Last Updated on 12/22/2018
Gospel Artist/Songwriter
Hopesong - Last Updated on 2/6/2018
country gospel
Icen - Last Updated on 1/7/2020
Rap Worship
Ichthus - Last Updated on 3/23/2011
Vocal Harmony with Acoustic Instruments
In His Commission - Last Updated on 3/7/2018
Christ Centered Music and Ministry presented via various styles
Jacobs Wonder - Last Updated on 3/23/2012
classical piano and instrumental music
Jason Bellard - Last Updated on 2/12/2011
Acoustic guitar with vocals
Jason Ingraffia - Last Updated on 2/1/2005
Acoustic Guitar with Vocals
Jeff Rice - Last Updated on 1/21/2017
Acoustic -Folk Pop/ Rock
Jeff Wooldridge - Last Updated on 1/19/2016
A cappella Psalms and Hymns and Piano or Accoustic Guitar With Vocals
Jeremiah Minahan - Last Updated on 3/28/2012
Vocal with instrumental accompaniment
Jeremy Jones - Last Updated on 10/20/2018
Contemporary Praise & Worship With Vocals, Piano & Guitar.
Jerry Lockett - Last Updated on 1/7/2011
Jerry Lockett's Southern Gospel
Jesse Lee - Last Updated on 3/28/2012
Vocal with instrumental accompaniment
Jill Moore - Last Updated on 10/25/2007
Acoustic Guitar with Vocals
Joe and Angela Garrity - Last Updated on 2/20/2012
Acoustic Guitar with Vocals
Joe Wamsley - Last Updated on 1/3/2019
Praise and worship music with acoustic guitar vocals and keyboards
John David Coupland - Last Updated on 10/19/2018
Scottish Vocals with Guitar
Jonsong - Last Updated on 12/22/2010
acoustic and other instruments with vocals
Joseph Bohannan - Last Updated on 6/28/2015
There are 3 artist of countryartist and a little pop
Joseph Gill - Last Updated on 1/19/2016
Folk rock, acoustic rock, pop, worship
Josh Godfrey - Last Updated on 12/8/2010
Acoustic Guitar
Josiah Williams - Last Updated on 6/18/2015
Christian Hip-Hop, Rhythmic Soul
Julians Music - Last Updated on 12/31/2014
Julie McMinn - Last Updated on 10/14/2008
Piano and Guitar with Vocals
Katelin Hargis - Last Updated on 3/12/2011
pretty piano with vocals
Kezia Alford Ministries - Last Updated on 7/30/2011
Gospel - Jazz
Ladomato Family - Last Updated on 2/1/2005
Piano and Guitar with Vocals
Linda Clark - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Gospel Music Musician
Madison Berkemeyer - Last Updated on 9/8/2010
Piano with Vocals
Marcia Sanders - Last Updated on 8/21/2009
Instrumental Mandolin
Marcus Lapp - Last Updated on 7/15/2015
Praise & Worship/Contemporary Christian
Marjie Reece - Last Updated on 10/1/2010
Vocals with Guitar
Mark Bonnici - Last Updated on 6/23/2009
Vocals with guitars and drums
Mark Laurent - Last Updated on 6/22/2021
Singer/songwriter/guitarist, author, poet, Christian communicator
Meredith Devoe - Last Updated on 9/21/2009
acoustic alternative contempoary music
Michael Faryna - Last Updated on 1/21/2015
Singer-songwriter, Acoustic, Contemporary Christian
Michael Gregory - Last Updated on 6/20/2008
Acoustic Guitar and Various Instruments with Vocals
Micheil Reid - Last Updated on 6/5/2012
guitar and other instruments with vocals
Michelle Ward - Last Updated on 6/16/2011
Contemporary Christian Music
Mick Truman - Last Updated on 2/18/2012
Music for worship
Mike and Martha Tifft - Last Updated on 3/1/2013
Christian Rock
Minstrel Moses - Last Updated on 10/26/2018
God gave me a job to tell the nations about Jesus.
Moments of Truth - Last Updated on 8/30/2014
Contemporary, voice and guitar
Monro - Last Updated on 11/18/2010
Montez McCamish - Last Updated on 12/31/2014
Blues is his Game Tounges of Fire Is the Band Name Blues4him
Naked Like Adam - Last Updated on 5/23/2011
Acoustic guitar with vocals
Nick Mott - Last Updated on 12/15/2012
Contemporary Christian Music
Nicole Trikomitis - Last Updated on 7/22/2013
Techno Pop
ohis mika - Last Updated on 12/5/2015
Afro hip-hop, RnB and Rock
Onefiftythree - Last Updated on 12/22/2011
Contemporary Christian Pop and Rock
Its a country gospel song with a great old blues feel
Palimaakki - Last Updated on 6/16/2011
Vocals with various instruments
Pastor Joseph Joshua - Last Updated on 6/24/2015
My music is contemporary worship and vocal songs
Patrice euphony - Last Updated on 5/8/2018
Music made professionally in a Classical/ Modern Style
Paul Dreisbach - Last Updated on 4/23/2013
Contemporary Praise & Worship w/ Vocals, Guitar & Drums
Paul Girouard - Last Updated on 4/5/2012
Contemporary Christian Pop
Peter Hicks - Last Updated on 5/6/2015
Piano with Vocals
Peter Schrock - Last Updated on 12/1/2016
Hymns, Vocals, Piano, and Some Guitar
Philip James - Last Updated on 7/22/2019
Christian Rock, full band with vocals.
Preaching Musician - Last Updated on 11/11/2016
Traditional Vocals, and Piano
R.P.M. - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Pop - Rap
Red Roots - Last Updated on 2/3/2011
Reed Archer Nelson - Last Updated on 7/22/2013
Acoustic Folk Music
Rev. Anthony Mark LaMort - Last Updated on 3/29/2020
Organ and Electronic Music
Richard Jensen - Last Updated on 1/21/2014
Contemporary Christian Pop
Richard O'Wallace - Last Updated on 4/26/2012
Piano with Vocals
Richard Shekari - Last Updated on 6/10/2020
Writer, Singer and poet.
Rick Roman - Last Updated on 4/1/2022
Rock - Jazz - Praise
Rob Haymes - Last Updated on 1/27/2022
Acoustic guitar with vocals
Ron Gesch - Last Updated on 11/13/2020
Christian, Christian Rock, Praise & Worship w/vocals and instruments.
Rosemary Gain - Last Updated on 5/19/2009
Vocals with Piano and other synthesizers
Sabrina Pugh - Last Updated on 1/28/2011
Multi-Genre Songwriter
Salt Of The Sound - Last Updated on 7/22/2013
Reflective Electronic Music
Sandy Harless - Last Updated on 8/7/2014
Contemporary Christian Music
Scott Dever - Last Updated on 7/22/2013
Country Musician
Scott Emery - Last Updated on 2/1/2005
Acoustic Guitar with Vocals
Scott Ogden - Last Updated on 8/29/2011
vocals with acoustic guitar and other instuments
Scott Seabock - Last Updated on 3/31/2016
R&B gospel/pop funk Gospel - Last Updated on 1/23/2010
Folk Scripture Songs
Selena Piazza - Last Updated on 7/26/2014
ContemporaryPraise and Worship w/ Vocals
Shea Johnson - Last Updated on 1/23/2010
Guitars, Drums, and Vocals
Sheet_Music - Last Updated on 11/19/2018
This is a hi-life music to tell God thank you for his love and mercies
Shelby Wilfong - Last Updated on 2/18/2012
Piano with Vocals
Smith Family - Last Updated on 2/1/2005
A cappella
So Amazing - Last Updated on 8/5/2014
Urban Gospel w/ production
solo act - Last Updated on 11/25/2018
my music originates from the concept of EOP(pc) is instrumental
Songs for the Family Circle - Last Updated on 9/1/2011
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, and Children's songs
Soul Soothing Songs - Last Updated on 6/4/2011
Inspirational Music
Spiritchill - Last Updated on 2/23/2019
Eschatological Gospel - music to 'inform' - with a groove
Spiritsong - Last Updated on 1/26/2018
vocals with acoustic guitar and other instuments
Rev. E. G. Casey and St Andrew's Church Choir !950's
St. Paul's Ensemble - Last Updated on 5/19/2011
Men's Choral Ensemble
Stephen Lines - Last Updated on 10/22/2013
Midi Classicals and Hymns
Stephen Lines - Last Updated on 9/7/2015
Classical religous/secular choral/orchestral/keyboard & vocal
Steve and Danny Thompson - Last Updated on 7/26/2016
Vocals with Guitars
Susan Hawthorne - Last Updated on 12/4/2019
Classical, Celtic and Jazz
Tamara Luevano - Last Updated on 3/26/2010
Theatrical Music with Various Instruments
The Martin Family - Last Updated on
Piano, Guitar, Vocals, and Children Songs
The Servant & The Protector - Last Updated on 4/19/2020
Acoustic Instruments w/ Vocals
The Village - Last Updated on 4/2/2016
Alt Rock/Folk Rock/Gypsy Rock Worship Music
The Voice of God - Last Updated on 1/28/2011
Christian songs in Tamil
Thelma Kilbreth - Last Updated on 10/12/2020
Variety of Christian Styles
Thomas Reinhardt - Last Updated on 6/5/2010
Folk acoustic guitar with vocals
Tina Weber - Last Updated on 1/23/2017
Christian Pop, Christian Rock, Classic Christian, Praise and Worship
Tom Fox - Last Updated on 8/5/2009
several instruments with vocals
Tyde Moore - Last Updated on 5/20/2015
Husband/wife Christian songwriters that feature upcoming artists.
Unshackled - Last Updated on 3/9/2012
van wood - Last Updated on 8/4/2021
Christian Wedding & Love Songs
Verlin Macanip / Ivan Lapira - Last Updated on 5/13/2016
A full-band worship song recorded in my home studio.
Vic and Eva Zarley - Last Updated on 5/20/2015
Folk acoustic guitar with vocals
Vicki Hall - Last Updated on 3/11/2017
Pop Rock Christian Music w/vocals
Violet Ewing - Last Updated on 11/29/2011
Acoustics & Vocals
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