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How to Search all the Free Songs on this Site

The Song Search Tool for Godly Christian Music is one of the most useful tools to find the exact free mp3 song you are looking for so that you can download them easily. This powerful music searching tool allows you to sift through all the songs on the site with ease. To get started, pick a parameter that you would like to use such as the title, type, genre, theme, or instrumental content. Type or select the value you would like to search for and then click the ‘Search Our Songs’ button. The results for your free Christian music search will appear below. If no songs pop up in your search results, you should set some of your parameters to the generic ‘Any…’ value. There are a lot of songs on the site and each of them has been painstakingly tagged by hand according to its type, genre, theme, and instrumental content. As a result, when you search you can easily find all the free Christian songs on the site that have the genre ‘folk-pop’ and are about ‘love’. Most free music sites might allow you to search by title or maybe even genre, but few will allow you search for and download songs by theme. In addition, you can quickly listen to the music in the search result by click the play button. If you click on the title of the song, it will bring you to the musician’s download page where you will find all their music that has been posted on the site for free downloading. If you want to find out who wrote the song without actually going to the musician’s download page, simply hover your mouse of the song’s name. A little title box will appear that contains the artist’s name and the date that the song was added to Godly Christian Music. In addition to the wonderful Christian Song Search Tool, you will find a listing of the most resent free mp3 files that have been added to the site. If you haven’t been to Godly Christian Music before, this search song page could be very handy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for without have to browse through all the Christian songs on the site.

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