Question: Who is running this site?
Answer: This site is part of a larger work known as Godly Christian Ministries. To learn more go to:

Question: How do you give away this music for free?
Answer: The Artists want you to have it for free.

Question: How can I get my music up on this site?
Answer: Click here to learn about the process...

Question: What is the GCM update list's Details and Privacy Policy?
Answer: This is a mailing list that periodically sends out notices to its subscribers that sumerizes the new music, e-cards, and articles posted on Godly Christian Ministries' sites. Notices will only be sent out a couple times each month so that the mailing list doesn't overload your inbox. All your information is protected by google's robust security within google groups. Your information will not be visible to other subscribers and it will not be shared with 3rd parties at anytime. If at any point you decide to remove yourself from the mailing list you may do so by following the instructions at the bottom of every email. You can subscribe by entering your email address in the appropriately marked box under the menu on the left. (Note: You will need to check your email and confirm your address before you will start get these notices.)

Question: Where does this music come from?
Answer: Independent artists all over the world have had their music recorded and have given it to us to publish.

Question: Can I use this music for whatever purpose I want?
Answer: No, each artist has specific copyright rules associated with their songs. You can find out what these rules are by clicking the copyright icon at the top of each artist's download page.

Question: Why are the featured songs not in order of popularity?
Answer: In order to prevent a sense of competition between our artists and yet wanting songs that are particularly encouraging to be found, we present to you a randomized selection of some of our favorite songs.

Site Description

If you are looking for tons of free Christian music to download, you're in the right place. Here you will find hundreds of songs to listen to in MP3 format. This sight features godly music with all kinds of styles and genres. It has everything from A cappella to fancy instrumentals with vocals. All these great Christian songs were produced by people who have a testimony of deliverance from darkness and into fellowship with the Son of God, Jesus Christ. You will find that a lot of the great free Christian music on this sight are scripture songs (i.e. they come straight out of the bible). Our main desire with this site is to give away, free, the great Godly music the Lord has given us. In addition, to do it in such a way that it is available for people all around the world. Therefore, we have taken the time to make it possible to download or listen to all these wonderful songs from the internet. We hope that this Christian website that is full of free godly songs, blesses and encourages you to stay focused on Christ at all times.

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