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When it comes to finding your favorite free Christian songs for listening and downloading on the web, it can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, with Godly Christian Music there are several tools available to help you find just what you are looking for. The best tool that you can probably use is the song search tool, because it allows you to target your song search very closely. Your searches can target the title, genre, theme, type (instrumental, a capela, or vocal with accompaniment), or instrumental content. Nevertheless, there are times when you just can’t remember how to spell the title of a Christian song and so the search tool just can’t quite find the downloadable MP3 file that you are looking for. When this happens it is sure nice to be able to browse through all the free song on Godly Christian Music. To get started all you need to do is select a letter or the # sign to find all the songs titled with the letter or number you have chosen. When the Christian songs come up, if you click the title of a song it will bring to the download page for the musician or band who wrote that song. If you just want to see who wrote the song, but don’t want to go to their music download page, then simply hover your mouse cursor over the title of the song. This will bring up a small box that contains the name of the artist who wrote the song and the date that it was added to Godly Christian Music’s website. Next to the title of the song, there are also links to play the song free of charge (listen to the song by streaming it directly from the site), download an MP3 file of the song for playing on your portable devices (iPods, CDs, car stereo, phones, and mp3 players) , and two links for viewing and printing chords and lyrics to the music.

One other nice feature about this page is the listing of suggested songs... so if you are new to Godly Christian Music, you should check out some of the suggested songs. The songs have been hand selected, but the list is randomly generated every time the page is loaded. As a result, every time you load the page you will find a new list of suggested songs!

Overall, the Godly Christian Music Song Browser is a great tool to help you find the best downloadable MP3 files on the web. Click on a letter and get started finding so much Christian music that it will take you months, if not years to listen to it all…

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