The Dark Night of the Soul
Artist: Jonsong
Almost word to word rendering of this poem by St. John of the cross.

One dark night I went out, unseen, my house being now all stilled. In darkness and secure, by the secret ladder, my house being now all stilled. In secret with no other light or guide, than the one that burned within my heart. More surely than the light of noon, this guided me, to unite the lover with his beloved. I abandoned, forgot myself, laying my face on my beloved. Night, glad night, more lovely than the dawn. Night, glad night, suspending all my senses. No one saw me there, nor did I look at anything. All things ceased, I went out from myself. Night, glad night, morely lovely than the dawn, Light, glad light, it wounded my neck with its gentle hand. Light, glad light, leaving my cares forgotten behind.