Love Child
Artist: Jonsong
Would you come to me upon the waters, I’m stranded here in the storms of life. With your gentle hands reshape this vessel, And mold it into something of worth. I am well aware of my wrong doings, embarked to shores that would not provide, the riches of your heart, the warmth, so I resolve just to be again: Your love child - I’ll walk with you forever. Your love child - enfolded in this care. Your love child - we will share together. Your love child - father I’m coming home. Where would I have been without my elder brother, he’s so much like you, and yet he’s one of us. Both of you relate so perfectly together. May I come in and join the bliss, the love, the peace. The path is steep, the way is narrow, that leads me to this higher place, where vanity and doubts extinguish, in rays of pure light, pure energy. Yet it’s not really so complicated, it’s more a childlike and simple attempt, to grasp the grace which you have shown us, and not to flinch from this loving look. In your eyes - I know I’m forgiven. In your eyes - released from the shame. In your eyes - heart to heart together. In your eyes - father I’m coming home.