Artist: Jonsong
Ferryman, won’t you take me to the other side. Ferryman, such a longing to be home. Ferryman, I can’t pay you, I depend on you. Ferryman, to bring me over, to cross this line. I know I must be purged from my sins, washed in the waters of the river of live - Ferryman. The vast unknown before my eyes, impossible to pass alive, I would be surely drowning. Yet the transition must take place, the way I came is gone and lost. Help me through I pray. I know I must be purged so deep within, cleansed by the fire of your ardent love. Ferryman, you look so friendly, there’s such a warmth in your eyes. Ferryman, would you show me the city on the other side. Ferryman, I’ve heard there’ll be no night, no pane, no tears to cry. Ferryman, the separation left behind, we will be one.