Into The Light
Artist: Jonsong
Father of light, protector of all Gods children.
You give the lonely a home, lead the prisoners out into freedom.
Helper in need, faithful through all the ages.
Enduring love, righteous judge of all the nations.

Father, holy God, hear the cry of the people, deliver your children.
Father, all that is good comes from you, the creator of light.
Father, every gift, every blessing flows from your heart, reaches out to all things.
Father, unfailing presence, drawing us closer into the light, into light.

Father of light, you visit all who are bound by affliction.
You give the hungry your bread, heavenly wine for comfort.
Resist the proud, build a stronghold for all who seek shelter.
You defend the weak, adopt the wandering stranger.

Everlasting father, uncreated light.
Invisible creator, immortal, eternal God.