Thank God
Artist: Hopesong
Thank God (by Dale Schmucker)

In the Bible we're told the man that sins will die
And fellowship with God by sin has been removed
In a world full of darkness every single man
Is born unrighteous and wholly unapproved

And I thank God for the blood
It still cleanses me from sin and shame
What man could never do Jesus could
My sin debt's been paid - the sacrifice been made
And I thank God for the blood

If I could live a thousand years without the blood of Christ
And try my very best to pay for all my sin
But before a holy God my own righteousness
Is but as filthy rags and as an unclean thing

Jesus paid it all Glory to the Lamb
Peace has been restored between my God and me
For who will believe peace good will toward man
Glory to God from sin He's set us free