My Testimony
Artist: Hopesong
My Testimony (by Dale Schmucker)

Oh how well I remember in the young years of my life
Of the pain in my heart deep within
It used to tear my heart to pieces when I'd think of all the ways
I'd hurt the ones all around me with my sin

I remember all the many times I thought I'd change my life
Around and be a man my parents could be proud
But every time I would fall again I'd only go in deeper
In the sin I was trying so to quit
I was bound with chains of sin

I remember of the lonely days I'd want to reach for friendship
Share with them the struggles in my life
But I held back because I feared if they could see the man
I was inside they'd feel towards me the way I felt inside

So I travelled on a loner I put on a happy face
And I dreamed about a time when things would change
I was a very lonely man

But praise the Lord it's not the story of my life any more
My life's been changed all around
Where defeat and loneliness were tearing at my heart
Now love joy and peace there abound
Now Jesus is the best friend of mine
With Him I share everything
Jesus Christ has torn all those chains from my heart
He has made this lonely heart to sing
Now I am a happy man

I remember of a time when even all my dreams were cast away
And all I saw was darkness up ahead
I remember through those years my only prayer to God
Was Lord help me keep someone from doing this

Oh God while I'm living help me reach out and keep
Someone from ruining his life the way I've done
And I remember when a compliment was given to me
I'd go home and I'd cry myself to sleep
I knew the man I was inside