I Am Loved
Artist: Hopesong
I Am Loved (by Dale Schmucker)

When I've fallen so hard and my head is bowed low
And the pain and despair press me down
Yet there is a source of love it is steadfast and sure
Gives me strength to stand up and to press on

I am loved and blessed He takes pleasure in me
I am fully accepted in His love
I am never alone He's my Father and my God
Oh it's so good to live in His love

When my heart is so hard and my faith grows cold
When my vision grows tainted and dull
How the thought of His love brings back life and peace
And as I live in His love my joy is full

When life's burdens bear down and new trials bring pain
When my loved ones and friends misunderstand
Oh how sweet is the thought my Father cares for me
And when alone in this world He's still my friend