There is a Name
Artist: Hopesong
There is a Name (by Dale Schmucker)

There is a name I love to tell it
It sends a warm glow in my soul
And Oh Satan trembles when this name is mentioned
'Cause demons must lose their control

He's King of creation the Lord God almighty
How this name is loved by the church
The lukewarm may party so aimless and empty
But this name brings life to the worst

His eyes are like fire His robe glows with glory
Oh what a sight to behold
Yet He's meek and lowly a friend to the hopeless
He loves every body we're told

His name is Jesus the name above all names
In Him there is hope for us all
If you're broken-hearted and tired of sinning
Come at His feet you may fall

Oh hallelujah there's hope for this dark world
Only in this glorious name
Yet all over this world the cursing and swearing
Are done in His precious name

Satan and demons the rich and the famous
Everybody's knees will bow
Yes when this life is over and riches mean nothing
Jesus will be Lord of all

Oh won't you come at His feet fall
And make Jesus Lord of all
One day you will too confess
He's Lord of all