Do You Know
Artist: Hopesong
Do You Know (by Dale Schmucker)

Do you know the God who can do any thing
Do you know the One who can make things right
When around your feet lay your shattered dreams
And you wonder why you can't win the fight

He will help and strengthen you
There is nothing He can't do
In all of our trials He will see us through
By His marvelous might

Do you know the God who is all-wise
The only one who never is wrong
We should always put our faith in Him
And on our own understanding never lean on

All is darkness when we stray
He will help us when we pray
To none of His children He will say nay
Promises we can lean on

Do you know the one God who is love
And in Him is no darkness at all
When I look at me and I cannot find
Any reason to love no reason at all

Just because He is so good
He can love when no one could
Rejoicing in Him all His people should
And all His goodness recall