A Sacrifice
Artist: Scott Ogden
(capo 5th fret)

Verse 1

G______________________ C______ G
Joy and Happiness, I've never known
________ em________C______ G__________D
Until I heard your voice call out my name
G________________________ C______________G
Peace inside my heart and love inside my soul
______em________ C________D________G
It's Yeshua my lover who leads me along


______ C__________ G__________D____ G
Let my mouth give praise to You o Lord
__________C________G________________ D
I give my hands to bring forth Your fruit
__________ C________ G______ D______ em
Bring Your wrath on me if I be led astray
________ C____ G______D__________em
Let my sacrifice be pleasing to You
______ C____G____D__________ G
Is my sacrifice pleasing to You?

Verse 2

G__________________________C__________ G
(Yeshua Said)
If you love Me obey Me and follow My Commands,
____ em__________ C________G________________D
and join Me as I lead you into the promise land.
__ G________________________________________
For I have not willed that you should stay in this
C__________ G
wilderness forever,
______ em______________ C________________ D________________ G
but your unbelief will keep you from the home prepared for you.


Verse 3

G__________________C____________ G
Yeshua my beloved this will never do
____ em____________ C______________G__________ D
I'm wretched and disgusting, I'm just a prostitute
________G__________________________________ C
but my heart is longing to be changed to a heart
________________ G
that comes from You
__________em__________ C______________________D__
and I will inquire for You to change me and conform me
________ G
to Your Truth.