A Sacrifice
Artist: Scott Ogden
Verse 1

Joy and Happiness, I've never known
Until I heard your voice call out my name
Peace inside my heart and love inside my soul
It's Yeshua my lover who leads me along


Let my mouth give praise to You o Lord
I give my hands to bring forth Your fruit
Bring Your wrath on me if I be led astray
Let my sacrifice be pleasing to You
Is my sacrifice pleasing to You?

Verse 2

(Yeshua Said)
If you love Me obey Me and follow My Commands,
and join Me as I lead you into the promise land.
For I have not willed that you should stay in this
wilderness forever,
but your unbelief will keep you from the home prepared for you.


Verse 3

Yeshua my beloved this will never do
I'm wretched and disgusting, I'm just a prostitute
but my heart is longing to be changed to a heart
that comes from You
and I will inquire for You to save me and conform me
to Your Truth.