The Prodigal
Artist: Hopesong
The Prodigal (lyrics by Dale Schmucker)

The other day you walked away in spite of all I said
O how I wished I could show you the misery up ahead
You wanted everything of yours you wanted your own way
But I stood there with aching heart and watched a loved one stray
I saw you in the pig pen it nearly broke my heart
You looked so tired and lonely I watched your friends depart
I longed to take you in my arms and make you smile again
You fed the pigs while starving you longed to eat their grain

But how I miss the times of fellowship
When everything you'd share
And I miss the times of brokenness
And tender loving care
When you would come with worries
And fears were in your mind
I'd wipe all your tears away
And new peace you would find

Yesterday I saw a form come limping down the way
The clothes were ragged and dirty face haggard and grey
But I'd know that face anywhere my son who had died
He lives again and with tears of joy I ran to his side

And now we'll have sweet times of fellowship
Where everything you'll share
And once again times of brokenness
And tender loving care
And you can bring your worries
And fears within your mind
I'll wipe all your tears away
And sweet peace you will find