There's an Army
Artist: Hopesong
There's an Army (by Dale Schmucker)

There's an army of people they're marching on
Their faces like flint but their hearts are warm
It's the army of God in an endtime war
They've got a lot of scars but they just don't care

'Cause they've set their hearts on a battle won
And they'll give their lives for a victor's crown
You can hear them shout as they still fight on
In their weary heart they've still got a song

There's a battle fierce and an angry foe
And there's wounded soldiers where 'ere they go
But let courage rise to the weary in heart
'Cause it won't be long we'll hear the Captain's call

He'll say well done my child and a welcome home
You've fought a good fight and the battle is won
You've been wounded sore I have heard your cry
Then He'll wipe the tears from your tear stained eyes

They've been fighting hard they've been tempted sore
To give up the fight but they'll fight once more
'Cause they won't give up though they sometimes lose
The enemy's mark they will still refuse

They've put their hands to the plow and their back to the load
And their feet march on in spite of the road
'Cause it won't be long is the triumph song
Keep your eyes on the Lord you'll make heaven your home