Lord I Need Your Touch
Artist: Hopesong
Lord I Need Your Touch (by Dale Schmucker)

It's a long long way these feet have run
The road's been long and wearisome
And Lord I'm tired of struggling on
I don't want to give up the fight
I don't want to turn from right
But Lord my strength is almost gone

Lord I need your touch again
I need your grace I need your strength
I need to know ou are my friend
And Lord I need your touch again

In your strength once more I stand
The battle fierce I'll fight again
And Lord you're so good to me
Without you I live defeat
But you bring hope and guide my feet
And Lord once more you've set me free

In your touch there's joy and peace
Troubled minds find relief
Lord you're everything I need
Guilty hearts a cleansing find
Broken lives a Saviour kind
Lord you are a friend indeed