He's In Me
Artist: Hopesong
He's In Me (by Dale Schmucker)

I am just a pilgrim just a weary stranger
Sometimes I'm just a lonely man
But I've got a hidden treasure just a little secret
That makes me happy as I am

Jesus is alive and he's living so deep inside me
In the struggles I face he will always always love me
He's bigger than mountains
Bigger than the oceans
Bigger than what I see
And he's in me
I may not have much money
Nor have a lot of friendships
But I'm a very wealthy man
Wherever I go and whatever I do
I want to feel the Master's hand

And hear his gentle voice
Calling over all life's mountains
And when I am thirsty
I want to drink from his fountains

Oh he's bigger than my problems
Bigger than temptations
Big enough to keep me free
And he's in me ........ Oh he's living in me