The Syrophenecian
Artist: Hopesong
The Syrophenecian (by Dale Schmucker)

Her daughter was vexed and tormented sore
And each new day she grew worse than before
The Syrophenecian prayed every day
But her daughter's death seemed closer anyway

But then she heard of another man
With power to heal some gave the claim
And Oh the hope maybe this man can
And Jesus was his name

At first ignored and then told no
Oh how those words must have pierced her soul
With humble heart her faith pressed on
And when he turned she knew the battle was won

And Oh the words that came from this man
Woman your faith has let you reclaim
Your daughter's freedom in Jesus' name
Your daughter is well again

Now when he returns will he find this faith
That perseveres in Jesus' name
Though some may doubt and turn aside
The fight of faith Lord help me fight

And though many voices they tell me no
Yet there is a God who can make it so
He is almighty and this I know
The Bible tells me so