Yahweh, You Are Good To Me
Artist: Scott Ogden
I wear my heart upon my sleeve
broken and bruised, for the world to see
through all of these years, you've held my hand
and made me pure as a broken man

Yahweh You have always been good to me
through all of the pain You've watched over me
and that's not something they can steal from me
Yahweh You are good to me

Sometimes our despair, causes us to fall
but You are near through it all
You've held every tear, heard every cry
We're never forsaken
on You we rely

Yahweh You are good to me
and I want the whole world to see
that in trials and joy You are always with me
Yahweh You are good to me

To Yeshua I owe everything
my joy, my life, an amazing thing
You've transformed the death that covered me
into the light of Your Glory