Silence Sings Your Name
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
Silence Sings Your Name

Silence sings Your name
For those who love to listen.
The soul’s supreme refrain
Is to await Your heart in silence.
Darkness reveals Your light.
Your song surrounds the night.
The stillness makes it mine;
I’ll stay and feel You shine.
Eternal scope for wonder,
I did not find in peals of thunder,
But in the settled choice
That waits to hear Your still small voice.
Oh, Gentle One, who whispers to console a child,
May we perceive the height and breadth of You for just awhile;
And speak within the silence who You are:
The One who lifts the leaf and lights the star.

Silence sings of time,
That steady, flowing river
That journeys to Forever.
This moment, there’s space to hear it sing,
To let the echoes linger,
To recognize the Singer.
Where will the cosmos land
When God unfolds His plan?
What voice will call me home
When mortal history is done?
They try to stop their ears up more and more
To cover up the truth of what’s in store.
O, Christ, who sang a song before Your cross,
Sing now to keep their souls from being lost.
And gently whisper through their silence what to do, *
Oh, Lord who lifts a life and makes it new.* (2x)

*(Contain musical quotes in sax part from Gregorian chant and Doxology)

©Copyright 2011 by Susan K Hawthorne,
Released under Creative Commons License Attributive, Non-Commercial, No-Derivative Works 3.0 US