Turn to Me
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
Turn to Me (Rose-Colored Blinders)
by Susan K Hawthorne

Verse 1:
Turn to Me, turn to Me, oh child I cherish.
Trust Me and try Me; why will you perish?
I’m ready to heal, ready to restore.
My presence will meet you wherever you are.
We’re talkin’ about your eternity.
I’ll take you where you want to be.

With your rose-colored blinders, you've gotten so callous,
You’ve been thinkin’ this garbage heap is a palace.
Can we tear you away from your rose-colored blinders?
There’s a price that you pay, but I’m sending reminders--
It’s kinder.

Verse 2:
Ask of Me, just of Me; why ask the lost world
That panders all its counterfeit hopes off on you?
Ask Someone who knows how deep longing goes--
The One who’s convinced you’re worth dying for.
I’m ready to satisfy the real you,
The person you would be if you could just be more.

©Copyright 2011 by Susan K Hawthorne
Released under Creative Commons License Attributive, Non-Commerical, No-Derivative Wks. 3.0 US