Bathe It In Grace
Artist: Susan Hawthorne
Bathe It In Grace by Susan K Hawthorne

Verse 1:
When you’ve been thinking it’s the end,
And that your world has split in two,
Don’t you forget, you’ve got a Friend
Who wants the very best for you.
Get on your knees and let it go,
Let Your Creator take control.
He’ll take each heartache that you face
And bathe it in grace.

Verse 2:
How long before you will decide—
Afraid what He might ask of you?
The safest place is at His side;
He has a better plan for you.
He made you for a greater goal.
Let him repair your shattered soul.
He longs to take the human race
And bathe it in grace.

Bridge 1:
It’s no self-serving dreamer’s lie;
The sinful part of you must die.
I’m here to say, “I don’t regret
The bad I left, the good I get.”
The God of Heaven isn’t cruel;
Do you mistake Him for a fool?
He hates all sin, but in my place,
The mockers spat upon His face.

Verse 3:
How many martyrs have to bleed
Before this daughter sees her need,
Before she takes it seriously
And gets a life –eternally?
How many mothers give their tears
Praying for sons throughout the years?
They know God’s waiting to embrace
And bathe them in grace.

Bridge 2:
And Christ, we did our worst to You.
You said,
“They don’t know what they do.”
May I forgive as You have done,
Knowing I’m not the only one;
A crown of thorns may come the same
To all who dare to speak Your name.
The joy of resting in Your place
Will bathe them in grace.

The truth is, love is not a waste.
Because of Your amazing grace.

©Copyright 2011 by Susan K Hawthorne, Released under Creative Commons License Attributive, Non-Commercial, No-Derivative Wks. 3.0 US