Artist: Rick Roman
Easy Listening/ Instrumental - The next segment of this CD " Journey To The Son" is a period of time that the enemy of our souls (the devil) tried to deceive me into believing he was the Lord. I almost destroyed all my music and my little home studio but the Lord was gracious and exposed the devil for who he is, a liar and a deceiver. There was partial damage done to the digital but I did have some of this on cassette tape that I converted into digital once more and then added things to it. Another way the Lord has shown me that He turns all things for good for those who love Him. This piece "Storms" is a reflection of that time and because I was not stable and confident in spirit to sing anything, it became and instrumental. There are actually 3 songs put together here but I found it appropriate to name it "Storms". In the last segment of this piece you can hear a very faint cry for help if you listen closely.