I Came To Serve
Artist: Cyndi Aarrestad

1. A towel round His waist, and love in His eyes
A basin in His hands, they watched Him in surprise
As He knelt to wash their feet, like the humblest of men
Then gently He explained, what they could not understand

Cho. I came to serve, I came to give
I’ll die to show men how to live
If I your Lord and Master came
To be a servant; Go and do the same

2. They spoke among themselves, who the greatest would be
He took a little child, and set him on His knee
He said, to be the first, you must be servant of all
And ministering to needs, is my true disciples call

3. He took upon Himself, the form of a man
And in obedience, fulfilled His Father’s plan
He humbly walked this earth, as a servant to the lost
And gave Himself away, when He died upon the cross

Cho 2 He came to serve, He came to give
He died to show men how to live
If He our Lord and Master came
To be a servant
We must do the same