The Name Above All Other Names
Artist: Cyndi Aarrestad

1. He is our redeemer, He saves us from our sin
The Way, the Truth, the Life, the Door
That we may enter in
When we thirst and hunger, He is the Bread of Life
Living Water flows from Him, the Dayspring from on high

Cho. The name above all other names
So precious and so fair
Is Jesus Christ, the Son of God
No other can compare
His name means, the Anointed One
Deliverer is He
And in the power of that name
He sets His people free

2. When we’re needing wisdom, He is the Counselor
When darkness overshadows us
He is the Morning Star
When we are in turmoil, He is the Prince of Peace
Lion, Lamb and Lord of Lords, He is our Great High Priest

3. Immanuel, God with us, we never are alone
Our Captain of Salvation and, our Rock and Cornerstone
We’re led by the Good Shepherd
We grow in the True Vine
King of Kings, Almighty One, Jehovah God Divine