He Has Died for You
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
He Has Died For You by Vic Zarley

Your path is such a rocky one
It's hard to think about the Son
It's hard to realize that He
Did so much for you and me

But when the day becomes a fire
With flames a raging, higher and higher
There seems no way that peace can come
Remember what our Lord has done:

Chorus: He has died for you
Because He so loves you
You’re worth what He went through

You bang your head against the sky
And ask the Lord to tell you why
It seems too hard to understand
Why things don't go as you had planned

You think and think, then think some more
Just hoping for an open door
You say, "Oh God, just give me light
And take away the dark of night” (chorus)

It's so amazing what He did
He chose to die so you could live
Your life will never be as true
Since knowing what He did for you

Now stop the hurt that others show
By telling them how your life goes
For God so loved, He gave His Son
Now share His love with everyone (chorus a few times)