I'm Laughing Now
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
I’m Laughing Now__2nd Fret__by Vic Zarley

______________________ G
(Chorus) I’m laughing now so joyfully

I’m laughing every day
I’m laughing at those fear thoughts
Til those fear thoughts go away

I’m laughing and I’m happy
In a way I’ve never been
This world I’ve seen as sad and mean
Is coming to an end

Fear thoughts used to scare me
Used to drive me up the wall
They left me shaking, wishing that
I had no thoughts at all

Fear thoughts used to grip me
____________________________ G
With their fingers, cold as ice
And now I know my savior’s here
____ D________________G
I’m one with Jesus Christ (chorus)

The walls will all come tumbling down
The tensions all will cease
Love will flow with certainty
When all our fear’s released

And fear will disappear like boogey
Men when lights are on
When we’re sad we’re listening to
Satan’s favorite song (chorus)

Don’t fear the world will end your life
It can’t end what is true
What you believe, what you perceive
Can change, but not what’s you

So, yes, the world we know will end
But soon what’s new is here
And laughing children of the Lord
Will dwell in love, not fear (bottom chorus)

We’re laughing now so joyfully
We’re laughing every day
We’re laughing at those fear thoughts
Till those fear thoughts go away
We’re laughing and we’re happy
In a way we’ve never been
This world we’ve seen as sad and mean
Is coming to an end (chorus again, then: )

It’s coming to an end