Jesus Be Within My Day
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Jesus Be Within My Day
by Vic Zarley 2nd Fret

Just a normal day
Getting out of bed
__ (Descending from C)
Dealing with the thoughts that fly
______ F________________G
All through my sleepy head
Got to brush my teeth
Get ready for the day
__ (Descending from C)
Oh, Jesus how I want you so
__ F__________________G
Please show to me the Way

__________F__ Am____________G
Jesus be within my day
________ F________________________ Am
Help me see Your shining face
________ F________________Am__
in everyone. Show me Your grace
______________F____ Am____________G
Oh, Jesus, all I want to say
________ F____ Am____________G
Please be within my day

Got to take a trip
To the grocery store
Deep within my heart though
How I’m needing so much more
Picking up the fish
Picking up the bread
Jesus, how I need Your every thought
All through my head (chorus)

When I go to work
Or when I go to play
It doesn’t really matter much
As long as I can say
You’re my everything
Jesus, You’re my all
Jesus, I have heard Your word
Oh, yes, I’ve heard Your call (chorus)