Jesus Came to the County Fair
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Jesus Came to the County Fair__(Capo 1st Fret) by Vic Zarley

He wasn’t scheduled to arrive
But word soon got around

Jesus Christ was coming
__________________________ G
To the outskirts of this town
____ C
It seems that little gathering
____ F____________ C
Of county people there

Had an extra visitor
________G____________ C
Named Jesus at that fair
There’s excitement in the air
__________________________________G______ C
‘Cause Jesus came to the county fair
____________________________ F
People asked, “Was that Him there?”
________________ C______________G______ C
Yes, Jesus came to the county fair

He wandered through the house of mirrors
He knew how it was done
Sometimes when we are caught up
In illusion, it’s for fun
He said, “Your life’s a house of mirrors
And it’s up to you”
Jesus smiled at everyone
And said, “I’ll lead you through” (chorus)

He rode the roller coaster
But you know He didn’t scream
He said, “The roller coaster is, to me,
Much like a dream
Up and down the same old tracks
‘Round and round it goes
Follow me and I’ll show you
Some very fruitful roads” (chorus)

He said He’d like to hear some songs
As long as He was there
We checked to see, then, who was playing
At this county fair
Jesus walked on over
And He sat down in the stands
And listened to a whole set of a rock and country band (no chorus)

And then the sky began to flash
And thunder rocked our ears
He said, “I guess it’s time to go
I had a good time here”
The next thing I remember
He was floating up the air
Waving bye to all of us
At that county fair (chorus twice with the following ending lines: )

Jesus came to the county fair
I’m so glad that I was there