Jesus, Please Adjust Me
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Jesus Please Adjust Me
by Vic Zarley 2nd fret

Em__A__ Em__ A
1. Sometimes I’m blaring loud and strong
________G____ F____G____C
I’m a radio tuned all wrong
F____________________ Am
This station doesn’t play Your song
Please tune me into You

I’m so upset, I’m so forlorned
Like at Jericho, blow those horns
Please break the walls that I have formed
____ ?______________________G
I trust that’s what You’ll do (chorus without spoken part)

Jesus please adjust me__ (every single part of me)
________ B7
I know you’ve said, “Please trust me” (it took so long to see)
__ C
I do, Oh Lord, I trust Thee__(with all that is inside of me)
Will You please adjust me__(change and rearrange me)
Em__ A__ Em__ A

2. Oh, Father, take me by the hand
I need to know just where I stand
Oh, Lord please take me as I am
With You I’m in accord

Oh, Father, show me what you can
I need Your help to understand
I’m so in need of healing Hands
I’m lost without You, Lord (chorus without spoken part)

3. The Holy Spirit prunes for You
He cuts off what You did not do
And holds what readily stems from You
So closely to our hearts

I love the work that He can do
So I can be a tool for You
I must be pruned, through and through
I ask You, Lord, please start (full chorus)

4.We looked to You to save us all
From our descent, from our Great Fall
From grace, from love, and now You’ve called
So we no longer roam

Oh, Lord, we give our hearts to you
To please adjust so You can do
Your mighty work, through and through
To bring us all back home
(full chorus twice)