Let's Ring the Bells for Jesus Christ
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Let’s Ring the Bells for Jesus Christ by Vic Zarley

This song is formatted like a hymn book song. Sing each first line, then sing each 2nd line, etc. What was I thinking?

__ D________________________F#
1. It happened in a________ mountain town
2. The council met to______ talk about
3. That Easter morn the____ sky was filled

G____________________ D
Two hundred____ years ago
The town’s impending doom
With bells that rang and rang

Napolean had______ gathered troops
Everyone was______ nervous in that
That Easter morn__ the preacher led

E____________________ A
So ominous__________below
Tiny council________room
The people as they__sang

__________ D______________________F#__________
This town was needed for his troops
Surrender to__________ Napolean
And then that army____ turned and fled

And it was quite a____ prize
Or fight and hide the__young
Because the bells had__rung

________________________________________________________________________________________________ F#__________________
On__ Easter morn he’d take this town
A______preacher stood and said, “Let’s do
They thought an army larger

__ E____________________A______D__
Before they__________ rea -__lized (next verse)
What we have__________never done!” (chorus)
Than their own had finally come (chorus twice)

Chorus: ________Let’s ring the bells for Jesus Christ
______________________ C__________________ G
Let’s ring them loud and clear
________________Let’s ring the bells courageously
Let’s ring away all fear

Let’s ring the bells for Jesus Christ
______________________ C____________G
This lovely Easter morn
Let’s ring the bells with all our might
So we might be reborn