Let's Ring the Bells for Jesus Christ
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Let’s Ring the Bells for Jesus Christ by Vic Zarley

This song is formatted like a hymn book song. Sing each first line, then sing each 2nd line, etc. What was I thinking?

1. It happened in a mountain town
2. The council met to talk about
3. That Easter morn the sky was filled

Two hundred years ago
The town’s impending doom
With bells that rang and rang

Napolean had gathered troops
Everyone was nervous in that
That Easter morn the preacher led

So ominous below
Tiny council room
The people as they sang

This town was needed for his troops
Surrender to Napolean
And then that army turned and fled

And it was quite a prize
Or fight and hide the young
Because the bells had rung

On Easter morn he’d take this town
A preacher stood and said, “Let’s do
They thought an army larger

Before they rea - lized (next verse)
What we have never done!” (chorus)
Than their own had finally come (chorus twice)

Chorus: Let’s ring the bells for Jesus Christ
Let’s ring them loud and clear
Let’s ring the bells courageously
Let’s ring away all fear

Let’s ring the bells for Jesus Christ
This lovely Easter morn
Let’s ring the bells with all our might
So we might be reborn