Oh, Have You Heard
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Oh, Have You Heard…__ By Vic Zarley

Though his brothers tried to kill him
Joseph later chose to save them
It was great that he forgave them

________________ D
Chorus: Oh, have you heard
______________________ A
__It’s in the Word
______________________ Bm
__For you
Moses parted that Red Sea
So the Isrealites could flee
And start a brand new destiny__(chorus)

__ B7________________________________C
This Holy Book has got so much for you
__ B7__________________________________ C
This Holy Book has got God’s touch for you
Read it through
If you do
There’s love

Goliath was so big a man
The Isreali army turned and ran
But not little David, stone in hand (chorus)

Samson brought the temple down
With God’s strength that he had found
There were no chains to keep him bound (chorus, bridge)

Daniel’s thrown in the lion’s den
God closed their mouths, protecting him
As stories go, this one’s a gem (chorus)

Throw that man to the giant fish
Jonah’s quite a tasty dish
But now he’d rather do God’s wish (chorus, bridge)

Then God’s Son came down to earth
Miraculous was His birth
He showed us all how much we’re worth (chorus)

Healing flowed right from His hands
Though He was killed, you’ll understand
He rose from death for all of man
(first two lines of chorus twice then full chorus to end)