A Bruised Reed
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
A Bruised Reed by Eva and Vic (3rd Fret)
__________ Chorus:

____C__________ F
A bruised reed He will not break
He will not cast it aside
____ C____________ F
A smoldering lamp, He will not snuff out
________ C____________G__________C______C+
He will pour healing oil on His bride

1. To those who are broken hearted
______ C______________G
The Word says God is near
____ C________________F
It says He’s never departed
__ C__________ G________C
So we needn’t walk in fear
We might not see the victory
____ C______________________G
In things He has taken us through
____C________________ F
He will reveal the mystery
__________ C________________G__________C__ C+
When the fullness of time has come due

2. Live in the light of His glory
Dwell within His grace
He lived the greatest love story
So you could feel His embrace
Even in your darkest moments
The eyes of the Lord are on you
He’ll use the raging torrents
To do a great work when it’s through