Buckle Up with Prayer
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Buckle Up with Prayer by Vic Zarley

When I’m flying in a plane
They strap me in so tight
And if we hit some wind and rain
You know I’ll be all right

I do more than buckle up
When I’m in the air
Often when I get uptight
You know I say my prayers and…

Buckle up for safety
Buckle up with prayer
Like the seat belt I put on
It’s great to know God’s there
Buckle up for safety
Buckle up with prayer

Often when I’m going through
What seems the roughest times
If you were to look in me, you’d
See a happy mind

You know I like to plan ahead
Yes, when I can, prepare
I’m never thrown for any loops
I buckle up with prayer..so (chorus)

When I fall, I safely float
Down in my prayer-a-chute
I’m building up my spirits and
Finding my prayer roots

I really like to play it safe
So not a day goes by
When I don’t buckle up and pray
Why not give it a try? And..