Freeway to Eternity
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
The Freeway to Eternity by Vic Zarley 4th Fret

If you w|onder, on the road, my friend
____________________ G
Which way to go from |here
__________ C
Take the fr|eeway to eternity
______________________ F
The entrance signs are |clear
________ C
Take the |entrance marked with arrows
Pointing inward toward your |heart
And so|on you’ll find you’re rolling--
From this wo|rld you’ll soon de|part

Chorus: Ta|ke the freeway to eternity
______________________________ G
Enter on the ri|ght
Follow Jesus Christ until
______________________________________ C
You see, within, His li|ght

Take the freeway to eternity
__________________C7______________ F
Ta|ke it while you |may
Why |wait until tomorrow
____________________________ G______________ C
When there’s |so much time to|day?

There’s an exit marked with sadness
And an exit of despair
There’s an exit showing anger
And a sign that no one cares
There’s an exit filled with unknown fears
An exit filled with grief
If you stay upon the freeway
You will shortly have relief (chorus)

The roads are marked with danger
There’s temptation all around
You can avoid the danger
When you know where you are bound
So don’t get off the freeway
Even if your friends are gone
Remember it’s the darkest
Just before you have the dawn (chorus, with last 2 lines twice)