Give Praise to God
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Give Praise to God 2nd Fret
Words and Music by Eva Zarley
D__________________________ G__________________ A________D
F|or the brilliance of a flower’s| hue, give praise to |God________
____________________________G________________A________ D
For the freshness of the ear|ly dew, give pra|ise to G|od
______________________ A
When the sunshine is up|on your face
________G__________________ D
And a co|ol breeze blesses y|ou with grace
__________ G____________________D____________A________ D
All the ear|th seems a lovely pl|ace, give pr|aise to G|od

____________________ A______________________ G__________D
He knows what will wo|rk out best and the out|come of ev|ery test
____ G______________________ D
You m|ay feel cursed or you m|ay feel blessed,
________G__________________ A
But it a|ll works for your g|ood
________D______________ A
Whether |in the dark or |in the light
__________ G______________D
He makes ev|erything turn |out all right
We can’t cha|nge a thing in o|ur own might
____________G______ A________D
So let’s tru|st Him |as we sh|ould
D____G______________D______ A______ D
R|ejoi|ce-- for He do|es all |things |well!

F|or the burning pain of fir|e’s flame, give pr|aise to |God
For the need to call on Je|sus’ name, give |praise to |God
____________________________ A
When injustice steals your ho|pe of gain
____________G________________ D
And there se|ems to be no quen|ching rain
__________ G______________ D__________________A________ D
All the wor|ld gives is end|less pain, give pr|aise to G|od (Chorus)

For the things that you are going through, give praise to God
For the sorrow and the joy in you, give praise to God
Let our God be ever thanked and praised
Never fail to let your voice be raised
In the end you will stand amazed, give praise to God (Chorus)