God Reached Down - Lyrics by Joan Steward
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
God Reached Down 5th Fret
Joan Steward / Vic Zarley

I’d walked with God in my days of youth
But I’d walked away from the word and the truth
No longer believing in the Father’s Son
Just waiting for death when my time was done

I was lost, I had lost my way
But God knew I had gone astray
So He reached down, stretched out His hands
Said I’ll guide you to the Promised Land


God reached down and He touched my soul
God reached down and He made me whole
When I’d lost faith, lost sight of my goal
God reached down and He touched my soul

Someone was praying, they were praying for me
They were praising God believing I would see
God honored the prayers of that righteous soul
Now I’m singing for Jesus, He has made me whole

No longer alone, I’m living for Him
I’m praising His name, He’s redeemed me from sin
My name’s written down on that sacred scroll
‘Cause God reached down and He touched my soul (Chorus)

There’s room for you, you can do your part
Just reach for Jesus, give Him your heart
He’ll reach down, meet you more than half way
He’ll touch your soul if you’ll only pray (Chorus