He Is Coming
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
He Is Coming by Vic and Eva Zarley

It’s the season beyond seasons it’s the time beyond all time
It’s the movement of God’s Spirit in and out of rhyme
It’s beginning now to be a time where time is at an end
We’ll meet Christ in the air as He returns to us again

Although it looks like we can make our bread right out of stone
God’s ending all the magic tricks we’ve learned upon our own
He sweeps away the system of beliefs that we are in
He’s eliminating error, He’s eliminating sin

He is coming, yes, He’s coming
As we take our Savior in
He is coming, yes, He’s coming
Let the Bride of Christ ascend
He is coming, yes, He’s coming
Prepare the way for Him

It’s a new life of forgetfulness, a new life of release
It’s a new life of remembering God’s quiet inner peace
We have been transformed by the awesome might of God
With Jesus we attract His power like a lightning rod

It’s a new life filled with Jesus and His love that flows so free
In Jesus we’re forgetting that there’s you and that there’s me
In Jesus we’re remembering we all are part of one
With Jesus Christ in our hearts, we know God’s will is done (chorus)

Through our new life we are seeing but we can’t believe our eyes
For Jesus is exalted far above the worldly lies
It’s magnificent His love is bursting forth from us to heal
It’s amazing we are learning all that is and isn’t real

It’s a time to be believing most in something that’s not seen
There’s an undercurrent stronger now and we are in between
God’s spirit that is moving in the hearts and souls of all
And our thinking we could manage by ourselves that caused the Fall (chorus twice)