I Found That I Know Nothing
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
I’ve Found that I Know Nothing by Vic Zarley

What I thought I knew got clouded up with what appears
I couldn’t really handle all my secret inner fears
I had to give them up so I could free myself to sing
How happy I’ve become someone who doesn’t know a thing!

Chorus: I’ve found that I know nothing
Except my loving Lord
Everything around me
Strikes so many different chords
I’ve found that I know nothing
That I can afford
I really don’t know anything
Except my loving Lord

I really don’t know anything--know anything at all
Everytime I think I do, I’m headed for a fall
I’m living in a world that’s spinning, spinning all around
And answers that I thought I knew have only brought me down (chorus)

I thought I knew my neighbors and my friends so very well
About their inner feelings there’s so much that I could tell
But God’s Spirit in the depths of me has told me very clear
“You don’t know a thing at all if only you would hear”

(chorus twice with “Except my loving Lord”