Invitation Song
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
The Invitation Song by Vic and Eva Zarley (2nd Fret)

Child of earth____things are winding down
Whatcha gonna do when this age is through?
Am________ G________F________Am
Carnal heart, when it tumbles down
Am______ G______ F________Am
Tell me what you think is gonna happen to you?

Am____ G____F____Am (same structure as above)

Jesus said____ there's gonna come a day
When the end of time is fully due
He sits on the throne of judgment and
The days of grace will soon be through
Chorus:__Jesus is the way, and the life and the truth
__________ C________ G__________ F______________Am__(Strong beat)
________ None will enter heaven except through Him

Turn to Christ____He's your only hope
Aren't you tired of trying to make it on your own
He'll restore__ your weary broken heart
There's no need to feel as if you're all alone

__ Bridge:
__ Well, Jesus is the answer to the flaws of human nature
__ He died on the cross to take your crimes from you
__ Eternal life is given to those who call upon Him
__ You're never gonna find another friend so true

God deserves____your reverence and your time
Don't you know that one day every knee shall bow
Time to let the love of Jesus shine
You can be delivered from your sins right now (Chorus twice)