It's You, O Lord, It's You
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
It’s You, Oh Lord, It’s You
By Vic Zarley

Lord, it’s You I want to savor
May I never lose Your favor
How I want my sweet, sweet savior
Always in my heart

Lord, it’s You I hold so dearly
Otherwise I can’t see clearly
Without You, my life is wearily
Trudging from the start

It’s You It’s You It’s You
Oh, Lord Oh, Lord I choose
It’s You It’s You

I can’t live without You near me
Oh, my Lord, I pray You’ll hear me
I pray that You will always steer me
In Your way and will

Let me shine Your light intensly
Let me be how you intend me
You’re my Lord, my life, please send me
Deep where You’re instilled (chorus)

I’m so glad, so glad You love me
I hold Your love so far above me
How Your love can push me, shove me
Out of my despair

Glory, glory, glory to You
Glory for the things that You do
Glory for Your love for me, too
Oh, how much You care (chorus)