Kingdom Child
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Kingdom Child
By Vic and Eva Zarley 2nd Fret

C______?__________ Am
Once I was one of this world's children
F________ G________ C____G
I didn't have any care
C________ ?______ Am______________ ?
Who God was, what he might want of me
F__________ G______C
or if He's even there.
F________ G________C______________Am
Drifting along in this life of appearances
F________ G______ C
I only thought of me
F________G______ C__________ Am
But one day, my eyes were opened.
Then---- I could see.

Once I lived in anger and selfishness
It seems I hurt endlessly
In these days I didn’t know Jesus
Would gladly set me free
I was so caught up in all kinds of judgments
Of every one I knew
Until I met, the Lord, Creator
Of Love------- so true
(Instrumental Bridge)

Now I am a child of the kingdom
Joy and peace fill my soul
God has renewed my mind and heart and
made me completely whole
Following Christ is all that I want to do
He alone gives me life
His word releases every bondage
End------ing all strife

Trust your soul to the Lord Christ Jesus
He'll turn your troubles around
In His love, there's rest and safety------
He never will let you down---------------