Let's Change What We Are Thinking
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Let’s Change What We Are Thinking by Vic Zarley (No Capo)

C____________________________________ F______________C
The world is confusing--there’s no doubt about this fact
Everything we see seems meaningless
The world is a projection of our thoughts of fear and lack
There’s nothing we can do about this mess…but

Chorus: Change what we are thinking
__________________________________ F__________ C
Leave confusion far behind
________________________ Am
Change what we are thinking
And__ praise__God__ all__ the__time
________________________________ C
______ Let’s change what we are thinking
About the world outside today

It’s time to praise and trust Him
________________________________G________________ C C7 F Fm C
Jesus Christ, He is the way

God’s Hand is in my battles, He is with me in the fight
I praise His holy Name and He steps in
So when my sabre’s rattled, that is when I know His light
When the battle is the Lord’s, both sides will win..let’s (chorus)

My brothers and my sisters we believe in what we’ve made
The pain and all the fears that seem so real
If we’d look into the Son instead of staring at the shade
The Word of God would soon begin to heal..we can (chorus)