Lord, I Repent
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Lord I Repent Capo 4th fret
By Eva Zarley

G________D__________C__________ G
Lord I repent as I fall at Your feet
__________ Em__________ G
Take this sin from my heart
Make my joy in you complete –--- (pause)
Grant me forgiveness and your mercy so sweet
Oh, my Lord I repent as I fall at Your feet

________________D__________________ C____________________G
Time and time again, the cares of life have choked Your word
______Em__________G________________________________ D
Yet like a true friend, You kept speaking 'till I heard, – (pause)
G________Em____________ C__________ G
As I surrender every single bitter root
G - Em - G____________ D__________________ C - G
Spirit of God, let me bear Your precious fruit


Let me pray it through until my walls come crashing down

I know I need you, let your grace to me abound – (pause)

Weary of my wickedness I lay my burden down

Jesus, my Savior, please turn my life around.