Sabbatical Song
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Give Jesus All Control
By Vic Zarley__ 3rd Fret

Sometimes it’s such a struggle
________ F__________ C
Just to get up everyday
What diff-rence would it make
If I decided I would stay
__ C
Underneath my covers
________ F____________ C
As the world spins around
If I stay in bed all day
______G__________________ C
The world will not shut down…so

Chorus: I’ll get up tomorrow
And drive on back to work
Today I’ll give to Him some time
______________________ G
To clean out all the murk
________ C
That’s growing in my head so deep
______ F____________ C
And weighing on my soul
He’ll bulldoze out what’s heavy
____________ G__________C
I’ll give Jesus all control

I’ll make a little church right out
Of all my covers there
And reverently I’ll go inside
And say a little prayer
And when I stick my head back out
To see if things are fine
I’ll notice that the world’s still keeping
Everyone’s in line…yes, (Chorus)

I’ll light a little candle
On a table by the bed
And say uplifting prayers
Very slowly in my head
And when the candle’s burned half-way
And when my head is clear
Satan’s lies won’t get inside
To give me any fear__(Chorus)