Sabbatical Song
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Give Jesus All Control
By Vic Zarley

Sometimes it’s such a struggle
Just to get up everyday
What difference would it make
If I decided I would stay
Underneath my covers
As the world spins around
If I stay in bed all day
The world will not shut down…so

I’ll get up tomorrow
And drive on back to work
Today I’ll give to Him some time
To clean out all the murk
That’s growing in my head so deep
And weighing on my soul
He’ll bulldoze out what’s heavy
I’ll give Jesus all control

I’ll make a little church right out
Of all my covers there
And reverently I’ll go inside
And say a little prayer
And when I stick my head back out
To see if things are fine
I’ll notice that the world’s still keeping
Everyone’s in line…yes, (Chorus)

I’ll light a little candle
On a table by the bed
And say uplifting prayers
Very slowly in my head
And when the candle’s burned half-way
And when my head is clear
Satan’s lies won’t get inside
To give me any fear (Chorus)